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If every car in the United State had a BLADE on it…

  • The U.S. would reduce its annual production of cancer-causing particulate material by approximately 619 million pounds.
Area: If you were to spread out 619 million pounds of particulate material so that it was one inch deep, it would:

  • Cover an area of 3.5 square miles.
Translated: An American football field, including its end zones, covers and area of 1.32 acres. That means, the amount of PM captured by BLADE would completely cover 1,697 football fields in a solid inch of toxic, black, cancer causing particulate.
Volume: If you were to fill 40' cargo containers with 619 million pounds of PM, It would:

  • Fill 3,593 40' containers.

To illustrate the significance of this number, the picture below is of a ship which is carrying approximately 1790 containers. That means, BLADE would remove enough particulate material from the atmosphere to eliminate a volume of PM equivalent to 2 of these container ships—full of cancer causing particulates —every year!

Question: Where does all of that PM go now?

Answer: Into the atmosphere; it precipitates into our lakes, streams, oceans and waterways; it settles onto our homes and crops, and it find its way into our lungs, bloods steams and other vital organs... like our hearts, livers and brains.