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If every car in the United State had a BLADE on it…

  • The U.S. would reduce its annual vehicle production of carbon dioxide by over 180 billion pounds.

That's a big number; but what does it mean?

It means that using BLADE would reduce the nation’s total production of C02 [to which the gasoline vehicle transportation sector contributes 18%] by over 2%.

That’s a huge number! Think about it! We’re never going to get rid of all CO2 production… it’s natural, life essential stuff. We all exhale it. So the question is this: How much of our industrial CO2 production can we practicably decrease without materially altering our economy and our lifestyles?

So now think about it again. By simply adopting the wide spread use of a single piece of inexpensive technology, we can reduce the nation’s total industrial production of CO2 by 2%—and that’s without changing anyone’s behavior, or asking anyone to change their lifestyle! That’s HUGE!

When you define value as the amount of CO2 reduction divided by the dollar cost to affect that reduction, we know of NO other technology that even comes close.