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If every car in the United States had a BLADE on it…

  • The dollars saved on fuel alone would amount to $27 billion dollars—roughly $90 for every man, woman and child in the country.
  • That means American consumers would save $27 billion dollars per year on money that they would otherwise spend on gasoline (a savings equivalent to approximately $243 for every household in America, or roughly 8% of the nation’s 2007 budget deficit) .
  • At only $100 per barrel oil, America’s trade deficit would be reduced by approximately $45 billion annually (an amount equivalent to 6% of the nation’s 2007 trade deficit, a deficit which impacts our nation’s interest rates, its capital markets and the value of the U.S. dollar) .
  • ChartConsidering that the US currently runs large budgetary deficits, any saving that it does not take advantage of, incurs its current cost of debt (rate of the US 10 year bond (4.19%). That means that the United States pays $1.9 billion per year in interest expense to fund an expense that returns nothing, and that it currently has the ability to eliminate.