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If every car in the United States had a BLADE on it…

  • The U.S. would reduce its annual production of cancer-causing particulate material by approximately 619 million pounds.
  • The American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine reports that reducing 1 microgram of PM per cubic meter of air decreases death rates from respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases by 3%.
  • A recent study by California State University, Fullerton found that PM emissions from gasoline engines cause more fatalities than all motor vehicle fatalities ”. The same report also noted that the health care cost of air pollution in these areas averages $1,425 per person!
  • Human HealthBLADE employs Sabertec’s IDPF particulate technology, which is effective at capturing emissions of PM 2.5 up to 70 percent . If you apply IDPF’s efficiency at capturing particulates to numbers presented by California State University—Fullerton, this would amount to a cost savings of $997.5 per person. If you applied that savings to the nation’s total population, BLADE would save over $299 billion per year in health care costs that now exist due to the health consequences particulate material emissions.
  • The California State University, Fullerton study continues to conclude that “if pollution levels were to improve to federal standards, residents of the two air basins would suffer 3,860 fewer premature deaths, 3,780 fewer nonfatal heart attacks and would miss 470,000 fewer days of work annually. School children would miss more than 1.2 million fewer days of school, a savings of $112 million in caregiver costs. There also would be more than 2 million fewer cases of upper respiratory problems .” Apply those figures to the nation as a whole and the numbers are staggering.