Sabertec’s BLADE™ Exhaust Filter Reduces Particulate Emissions up to 64%

Aftermarket exhaust filter a cost effective way to reduce harmful air pollutants


AUSTIN, TX – Sabertec, LLC, a developer of innovative environmental solutions, announced today that its flagship product, the BLADE Automobile Exhaust Filter, has completed testing and is shown to reduce Particulate Emissions (PM), including emissions of PM 2.5, by 63.53% in urban driving, and 45.43% in overall conditions.

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Let’s Take a Breath

Sabertec will be making several important changes to our market approach with a renewed focus on our main goal, which is to clean the air.

We were temporarily side tracked by the astounding test results delivered by Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. (ATDS), an EPA accepted laboratory using the EP 511 40 CFR protocol.  The test results illustrated 5 vehicles all of which experienced an increase in fuel efficiency and a decrease in CO2, by as much as 12%.  We felt that people would only buy environmental products if they could also save money on fuel; therefore, we touted that aspect even though our goal as a company is to clean air.

We priced BLADE considering the Return on Investment (ROI) resulting from the fuel efficiency gain relative to the cost of the product.  Filtering the exhaust would be seen as an added benefit. The problem is we priced ourselves out of the markets that really care about cleaning the air.


Greening Fleets

The US Government is mandating that 75% of their fleet be green in the next few years. Corporate fleets are pushing to be green and are demanding their executive transportation be green as well.

What does it mean to be a green fleet?  Is it to reduce air pollution? Lower CO2 output? Use less fuel?

Sabertec announces 5 new customers including our first commercial fleet!

Our partnership with MTG Parts is off to a strong start with the announcement of 5 new customers:

MTG Partnership and the Limo Digest show in Atlantic City

We recently engaged in an exclusive arrangement with MTG Parts ( to distribute BLADE in the black car/Livery industry. 

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