New website, New focus
Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sabertec has launched our new website

Our site was primarily focused on consumers, which was in line with our strategy at the time.  We had early success with BLADEs being sold out of service centers across the country. We also utilized the rep agencies to try to sell the product to distributors.

We have since discovered that since BLADE was a relatively unknown product and the skepticism was so strong that we needed to redirect our focus to fleet customers. Fleet customers typically have a good understanding of what the fleet fuel efficiency is and the relatively small number of makes and models that are used by fleets which gives us a reference list that allows new companies to see our product working well on vehicles that are the very same ones that they are using in their own fleets.

Since our focus has changed which occurred at the end of 2009, we have added 10 new customers and have a highly reference able client list from which to build.   The livery industry has been particularly responsive to our product. These companies typically put any where from 50 to 100 K miles per year on their vehicles. Eco Optimizing their fleets gives them some key benefits: 1. Rapid ROI – these fleets are seeing complete return on investment with 2- 4 months. 2. They can win new business when competing for contracts. The corporate customers demand that their livery service is environmentally friendly.  Since Blade actually reduces air pollution and CO2 output of the cars the passengers are riding in, it is seen as a much better solution than companies who just buy a couple token hybrids and some carbon credits.

We will be adding a fleet calculator that will help companies understand their fuel savings ROI as well as the number of metric tons of CO2 that they are mitigating annually.

We will also be using social media marketing to promote our own Eco Optimized affiliate network so customers who like being driven in eco friendly sedans can find other Eco Optimized fleets across the country to choose for their needs.

Sabertec is also focused on government fleets. The US government has a mandate to “green” 75% of their fleets. To that end we have signed an agreement that allows W.W. Grainger to sell our products to their government customers. This relationship is a strong statement by Grainger as to the potential of the BLADE technology as it relates to government fleet opportunities.

We at Sabertec hope our new focus and new website will help our prospective customers make an informed decision about Eco Optimizing their fleets. And help our existing customers continue to grow their business.