Greening Fleets

The US Government is mandating that 75% of their fleet be green in the next few years. Corporate fleets are pushing to be green and are demanding their executive transportation be green as well.

What does it mean to be a green fleet?  Is it to reduce air pollution? Lower CO2 output? Use less fuel?

There are varying opinions on this but generally the strategies center around Hybrids, alternative fuels and carbon credits. In this piece I am discussing the virtues of buying hybrids to greening your fleet.

Hybrids – Although hybrids produce less CO2 and less particulates and enjoy better fuel efficiency than a conventional vehicle in the same class. This is not a good answer for fleets for several reasons:

  1. Cost: Hybrids typically cost upwards of $10,000 more than a comparable non-hybrid. Buying all new hybrids is cost-prohibitive and most fleets only add a few to say they have them in their fleet. These fleets have fairly new vehicles and trading them in is not only too expensive but a bad idea environmentally. The ROI on a hybrid is estimated to be 10 years.
  2. Available models: For most fleets, there are simply not enough models to perform the work for most jobs i.e. Vans and trucks.
  3. Environmental Benefit: Hybrids reduce CO2 output but still release particulates like any other gasoline-powered vehicle. Particulates (Air Pollution) cause health issues such as asthma, lung disease and premature death.
  4. Battery: The battery needed for Hybrids is an environmental nightmare in its own right. They are made overseas, which means the transportation via boat to the US, then the ground transportation once they reach the US, causes pollution.  The disposal of them is another environmental problem.

If a fleet has already made the investment for hybrids, BLADE will increase efficiency, decrease CO2 output and capture the particulates.

If a fleet has not made the investment, they can outfit over 90 vehicles for the price of one hybrid.

By using the BLADE, you keep your current investment in your vehicles, your EcoOptimized fleet will be green and your ROI measured in months not years.