Let’s Take a Breath

Sabertec will be making several important changes to our market approach with a renewed focus on our main goal, which is to clean the air.

We were temporarily side tracked by the astounding test results delivered by Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. (ATDS), an EPA accepted laboratory using the EP 511 40 CFR protocol.  The test results illustrated 5 vehicles all of which experienced an increase in fuel efficiency and a decrease in CO2, by as much as 12%.  We felt that people would only buy environmental products if they could also save money on fuel; therefore, we touted that aspect even though our goal as a company is to clean air.

We priced BLADE considering the Return on Investment (ROI) resulting from the fuel efficiency gain relative to the cost of the product.  Filtering the exhaust would be seen as an added benefit. The problem is we priced ourselves out of the markets that really care about cleaning the air.



The Approach

Our diesel products are back in the development pipeline with an initial target of filters for diesel generators.  Many countries are adopting laws that will require mandatory filters on all diesel generators and the options for this are few, particularly in countries which have sulfur content of more than 50 parts per million (PPM).

The vast majority of countries around the world have sulfur content of 500 PPM and higher, with some even reaching 2000 PPM. Pollution levels in these countries are costing billions of dollars annually in health care costs, school absences, missed work and lost income potential from premature death with children being the most affected.

BLADE is being promoted in countries where the pollution levels are the worst and the age of the cars are the oldest. We have significantly dropped the price of BLADE to make it accessible in these countries.

People have a right to breathe clean air and we are working hard to make our products available for everyone, regardless of the economic climate in the countries where people live.

We will be changing our website to reflect this new approach and using social media heavily to attempt to reach like-minded people and start to clean the air one car or one diesel engine at a time.