Sabertec’s BLADE™ Exhaust Filter Reduces Particulate Emissions up to 64%

Aftermarket exhaust filter a cost effective way to reduce harmful air pollutants


AUSTIN, TX – Sabertec, LLC, a developer of innovative environmental solutions, announced today that its flagship product, the BLADE Automobile Exhaust Filter, has completed testing and is shown to reduce Particulate Emissions (PM), including emissions of PM 2.5, by 63.53% in urban driving, and 45.43% in overall conditions.



Testing was conducted by the National Automobile Quality Supervision Test Center (NAST) in Xiangyang, China. NAST subjected BLADE to sophisticated laboratory testing using particle counters to determine BLADE’s effectiveness.

Independent field testing with traditional wand equipment, similar to standard emissions testing used throughout most of the world, has shown BLADE to reduce emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO) as much as 50%, and Oxides of Nitrogen and Hydrocarbons (NOx + HC) as much as 49%.

“Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk, claiming the lives of seven million people annually through increases in lung cancer and other respiratory diseases,” says Sabertec CEO, Bill O’Brien. “While alternative fuels and electric vehicle technologies show promise, installing BLADE is the most effective and affordable emissions solution currently available.”

BLADE attaches to tailpipes of passenger cars, SUVs and light duty trucks, and is proven effective, without causing any detriment to vehicle operations.

With 10 years of independent testing in government-sanctioned emissions laboratories throughout the world, BLADE consistently produces dramatic reductions in regulated emissions.

Currently in conversations to distribute the product worldwide, Sabertec is actively seeking partners to combat the crisis of air pollution in countries like China and India.

A cost effective alternative to onerous regulations such as “odd and even driving days”, the BLADE Automobile Exhaust Filter delivers sustainable, long term improvements in air quality while minimizing the social and economic impact of “red-alert”, and other regulatory restrictions.

“If all vehicles in Beijing were outfitted with BLADE, results would be similar to removing 64% of all vehicles from the road, without disrupting the lives of millions of people,” O’Brien continued.

Patented in over 30 countries, including the United States, China, and India, BLADE is an effective, affordable solution to the global air pollution crisis.

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