Gasoline and Diesel emissions affect significant human health and environmental consequences. Thankfully, a lot of attention is being devoted to these problems and a tremendous amount of material is available to address the topics of gaseous emissions and particulate filtration technologies. Unfortunately, for anyone who is new to these subjects, or for anyone who doesn’t have a considerable amount of time to devote to research, finding and making sense of available material can be somewhat challenging.

For whatever reason you find yourself researching this field, you’ve undoubtedly been confronted by a broad, oftentimes confusing vernacular that is rife with technical synonyms, a frequent misuse of technical terms, and a pervasive lack of specificity regarding fundamental concepts.

This section has been created to eliminate confusion and save you time. The information you’ll find here is organized into topics and sub-topics. Together they cover a baseline of knowledge that will help you make sense of relevant issues. To make things easy, the material is presented in a progressive, linear format; that is, it has been structured so that the information builds upon itself. That means you won’t be confronted with a lot of technical jargon that hasn’t already been clearly explained.

You will also find that the material is heavily referenced. This has been done not only to conform to high professional and academic standards; it has also been done to offer you an easy way to subvert the time consuming process of finding materials which will offer you greater detail on the subjects you’re looking for. Just click on the notation and you will be automatically directed to its source.

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