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What is BLADE?

BLADE is a retrofit device that attaches to the tailpipe of any gasoline, propane or CNG burning car, suv,van or light duty truck to:

  1. Capture toxic Particulate Material (Smog)
  2. Reduce CO2 by up to 12%
  3. Increase fuel efficiency up to 12%



CO2 Reduction

Laboratory test results show decreases of carbon dioxide (CO2) up to 12%. CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas and is the primary cause of man-made global warming.


Particulate Material (PM) Filtration

Particulate Material (soot) is an air pollutant known to cause grave environmental and human health consequences. Environmental consequences of PM include: air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, crop degradation, acid rain, acidification of waterways and smog. Health consequences of PM include: cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, fibrosis, asthma, reduced pulmonary function and increased mortality.


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